Frequently Asked Questions



How much does the Ready to Wear Fashion Mesh weigh?

The Ready to Wear, as we describe it, feels heavy when holding in your hands.  Once on the body the weight redistributes itself and is no heavier than an expensive beaded dress.

What is the best method to clean mesh fabric ?

Since the mesh fabric is metal it does not absorb perspiration or most liquids that may be spilled on it. Using  a soft damp cloth is generally sufficient to clean the surface.

Is the Fashion Mesh clothing lined?

We do not line our Fashion Mesh clothing since we feel it inhibits the movement and fit. Should modesty be an issue, a slip or bra cups are excellent remedies.  We do offer  by request a “hang” lining at an additional charge. 

Do you collect Sales Tax?

We do when items are delivered to a Massachusetts address if sales tax applies.
In Massachusetts there is no sales tax on clothing and necessities that costs less than $175. If the costs is more than $175, you pay 6.25% on the amount over 175. Our system will calculate the tax during the checkout process.
Jewelry and Accessories are taxable at 6.25%
For more information see the MA site page on Sales Tax “A Guide to Sales and Use Tax”.
We do not collect Sales Tax for any other state.