Career Highlights

Career Highlights


Joan Rivers, upon returning a borrowed outfit to a California store commented, “Call me when it goes on sale”.


Being the first designer to use mesh in a commercially successful ready-to-wear line.


Featured in a story in Boston Industry Magazine, in the August/September 2005 issue.


Participating as one of twenty finalists around the country for the “Create Your Style With Swarovski” competition.


Featured in the world´s most prestigious magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper´s Bazaar, and Vogue Italia.


Working on product development for several international designers.


The only apparel designer to be featured in two Absolut advertisements: a silver mess mini-dress and turban for “Absolut Ferrara” and an 18 karat solid gold dress for “Absolut Fashion.”

Appearing as a guest designer at the Miami Merchandise Mart.


Serving as a two-time guest designer at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.


In the past, Swarovski has purchased a ring mesh dress for display in their Rhode Island showroom, another outfit for their Austrian Headquarters, and also had him design and make a dress to be used editorially. For this he used state-of-the-art titanium (featured in a photo on this website) which ended up on the cover of Playboy magazine in August 2007