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About Our Company

Anthony Ferrara says, ” it is thrilling for me to see my designs on superstars today like Katy Perry and Kate Walsh as much as it was way back when people like Paulina, Cher, Tina Turner, and Elizabeth Taylor wore my clothing. One of my greatest moments as a designer was participating in the multi-million dollar Absolut ad campaign.

In 1990 Ferrara was commissioned to create an exclusive dress for the famous Absolut Vodka campaign, the same campaign which previously featured the art of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and the fashions of Mark Jacobs and Gianni Versace. Their new ad, “Absolut Ferrara” showcased a shimmering silver mesh mini-dress and turban.

Although no other apparel designer had been invited to create more than one garment, Absolut requested another one-of-a-kind dress from Ferrara, an 18 karat solid gold “Absolut Fashion” dress. This five hundred thousand dollar dress was photographed for the cover of Absolut´s pull out ad in Vogue Magazine. At today´s price of gold this dress is now worth many millions of dollars. When Ferrara finished the dress, Absolut decided it should have an accompanying dress in sterling silver. In all, Ferrara created four dresses for the company.

Ferrara´s designs have been featured on the pages of the world´s most prestigious fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, and Vogue Italia. Ferrara also had a swimsuit in the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Ferrara has also appeared as the featured designer at the Miami Merchandise Mart and twice the featured designer at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. He has been a guest on numerous talk shows and television magazine programs across the country. As the most accomplished designer of mesh clothing in the world, Ferrara has worked on product presentations for internationally renowned designers: Gianni Versace, Missoni, Emmanuel Kahn, Courreges, and Paco Rabanne.

“I enjoy working with the mesh because nothing else behaves like it on the body,” Ferrara explains. “I understand how mesh is made; I know what it can do. There is a built-in sensuality that is hard to explain until you´re holding it.”

After graduating from the School of Fashion Design on Newbury Street in Boston, from which he recently received a lifetime achievement award, Ferrara traveled to Italy to study the art of custom tailoring. Upon returning to the United States, he opened a small couture shop for women where he began experimenting with metal mesh as trim on his creations.

His widespread success with mesh apparel was sparked by an invitation to participate in a high-end Boston fashion show. This opportunity led Ferrara to begin using the mesh fabric (which had been so stunning as a trim) into clothing. The result was a dramatic mesh gold swimsuit worn under a white chiffon caftan.

The excitement this ensemble generated in Boston led to a special association with Whiting and Davis, the world´s leading producer of metal mesh. Ferrara was signed as the exclusive designer of the company´s ready-to-wear line-which at the time was marketed worldwide. In addition to this very successful apparel line, Ferrara also designs fabulous fashion-forward accessories including hand bags, jewelry, and belts. Ferrara designs are wearable art. With talent and imagination, Anthony Ferrara continues to explore new finishes, patterns, and textures maintaining his position at the forefront of the mesh evening wear industry.