About Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh


Wire wrapping or metal mesh has been a jewelry making technique responsible for the creation of stunning fashion jewelry for centuries. The majority of the metal mesh Ferrara uses is manufactured in the United States by Whiting and Davis. The two different types of metal mesh are welded stainless steel ring mesh and scale mesh.

The welded stainless steel ring mesh or European chain maille (mesh) is the most commonly seen flat chain maille (mesh) weave.  The four-in-one pattern in the weave begins with four rings linked through one central one and the weave is continued by adding a center ring and two end rings to the preceding one. This weave lies flat to the skin giving it the appearance of a sheet. The plated stainless steel comes in gold, pewter, and other colors.

The scale mesh is made out of pure brass that is plated with the various finishes Ferrara uses including gold, silver, copper and brass.

Anthony Ferrara has worked with metal mesh for over 30 years. As the foremost designer working in metal mesh today, he creates fashionable and wearable art. With his talent and imagination, he continues to explore new finishes, patterns and textures for the ”Ferrara Jewelry and Clothing Lines.”


The Care of Mesh Jewelry and Clothing


Metal Mesh does not absorb liquid as opposed to fabric, so its care is simple. After wearing or if something was spilled on it, simply clean with a soft damp cloth.

Metal Mesh that is plated has a coating of clear lacquer on it for protection. All perfumes and hairspray should be applied before putting on your mesh clothes or accessories because these liquids can destroy the finish on the metal.