About Anthony Ferrara

About Anthony Ferrara

Anthony Ferrara graduated from the Boston School of Fashion Design (formerly the Modern School) and where he recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award.  He traveled to Italy to study the art of custom tailoring.  Upon his return to Massachusetts, he opened a small couture shop for women where he began experimenting with metal mesh as trim on couture fashions.His first widespread success with mesh apparel was sparked by an invitation to participate in a Boston fashion show. Ferrara created a dramatic mesh swimsuit and soon started making clothes out of metal mesh.

The excitement the swimsuit generated in Boston led to a special association with Whiting & Davis.  At that time, Whiting & Davis was the world´s leading producer of metal mesh.  Ferrara interlocked metal links formed from rings of solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel, plated or enameled, and polished it to a brilliant finish.  It draped like fabric while maintaining the longevity of metal.

Ferrara was asked to be the exclusive designer of Whiting and Davis´s ready-to-wear line which was marketed worldwide.  Anthony´s association with Whiting and Davis continues to today.

Today, Anthony Ferrara has his own company that sells fashion forward accessories including jewelry, handbags and belts out of metal mesh.  Ferrara Designs have been worn by such superstars like Paulina, Cher and Elizabeth Taylor.  His designs have been featured on the pages of the world´s most prestigious fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, Vogue Italia and many more.  Anthony created product presentations for Whiting and Davis to present to such houses as Gianni Versace – Missoni – Emmanuel Kahn – Correges and Paco Rabanne as well as ours.

In 1990, Ferrara was commissioned to create an exclusive fashion for the famous Absolut Vodka ad campaign, the same campaign which previously featured the art of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring plus the fashions of Marc Jacobs and David Cameron.  The ad “Absolut Ferrara” showcased a shimmering sterling silver mesh mini dress and turban.  Ferrara was the only designer asked to create more than one garment for Absolut.  Also in 1990, Ferrara created a $532,000 18 karat solid gold dress, advertised as “Absolut Fashion.”

As the foremost designer working in metal mesh today, Anthony Ferrara creates wearable art.  He loves working with mesh because nothing else behaves like it on the body.  He understands how mesh is made and knows what it can do.  With his talent and imagination, he continues to explore new finishes, patterns and textures for the Ferrara Clothing and Jewelry lines.
Ferrara´s designs were featured on the pages of the world´s most prestigious fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, Vogue Italia as well as a swimsuit in the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.


The Ferraras Today

The Ferraras today after 40 years in the business continue to look forward to the interaction with customers and associates in the business who help develop products and finishes. Anthony and Rose have been married for 47 years and work together in their studio.

Anthony does the jewelry design and creation and Rose handles the business details. The addition of their first granddaughter, Breana, to the studio brought a refreshing and younger attitude to the studio and design direction.

Their other two grandchildren, Matthew and Maya, also look forward to the day they can join in and help out more than just sweeping up and counting out findings.